Advanced PICC Specialists provides vascular access services to a wide range of health care providers.
Our clinical team is made up of highly proficient vascular access registered nurses.

Our primary goal is the reduction of catheter related blood stream infections through the provision of vascular access along with maintenance and care.

The value of Advanced PICC Specialists is not in the performance of routine tasks, but in the process change involved with proactive vascular access planning at patient admission. Screening patients upon admission based on their diagnosis and pharmacological needs allows for early determination of the appropriate vascular access. This results not only in revenue savings for hospitals, but also in improved patient and staff satisfaction.

Through the development and utilization of a proactive approach to vascular access decision making, your hospital becomes a revenue saver. This savings takes place through a decrease in length of stay and operational cost losses associated with multiple peripheral catheter insertions and vascular access referral to radiology.